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 Hotel POLONIA*** Kraków
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  Former capital of Poland - pearl of Polish Renaissance, with its history going back to the I - IV century. The city filled with romantic pubs and restaurants with excellent Polish, Jewish and international cuisine. When visiting Kraków do not miss the bugle-call at the Old Market Square, the Royal Castle Wawel and Czartoryski Museum. We also recommend taking a walk in Planty Park, along the Floriańska Street and through the Cloth Hall. The old Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz is another must-se.


  In Kraków there are many monuments of high artistic and historical value. Contemporary cultural life of the city is also very rich. The most popular among tourists are spectacular events related to old tradition, such as: Lajkonik, Wianki, Juvenalia, competition of Christ-child's cribs, Jewish Culture Festival etc. Kraków is one of the capitals of European culture. Visit it many times and you will always discover something new and exceptional.