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Jasna Góra
The Pilgrim House

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  Visiting Jasna Góra

  1. The Chapel of Our Blessed Mother
  2. The Basilica
  3. The Kinghts' Hall
  4. The Treasury
  5. The 600th Anniversary Museum

Time of visiting - about 2 hours.



  The majestic Pauline Fathers Monastery stands on a lime soil hill surrounded by a wall and a park.


  The high belltower of the Monastery dominates over the town and can be seen from miles away. The sanctuary founded at the begining of l2th century was also a fortress. The quadrangle of the huge monastery adjoints to the chapel with the holy painting of Black Madonna, thanks to which Jasna Góra is considered to be the biggest sanctuary of Our Blessed Mother in Poland. The painting from Jasna Góra is famous for its miracles which attracts pilgrims from the whole Europe. John Paul II left his belt, from his shot accident, in the chapel of the holy painting. Behind the quadrangle of the huge monastery we can see the Arsenal of Jasna Góra Fortress. The complex is surrounded by the wall along which there are the Stations Of The Cross. While visiting the rich Arsenal and the Treasury we can see historical remembrances of the last 600 years of the Polish and European history. The visit to Jasna Góra helps to understand the history of Poland.